• Frothy Monkey

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    {Southside Brunch Spesh} 1.20.19 • Gouda, ham, basil scramble on rye toast with a side of fruit $8 #frothylove https://t.co/ZQAIkeKRxx

    {Nations spesh} Black bean hummus topped with sour cream and pico de gallo; served with chips and assorted veggies. $7 Don’t forget the wine 🍷 😉 #frothylove https://t.co/TZxfQgYpA9

    Nashville Zoo is offering free admission to federal employees & their immediate families affected by the government shutdown.

    This offer includes parking and can be redeemed after showing valid federal ID.

    This offer will continue until the government shutdown ends.

    {12South Spesh} 1.17.19 • Grilled Salmon over roasted red potatoes, sweet potatoes, kale & walnuts tossed in herb butter, and topped with apple & cranberry chutney and honey. #frothylove https://t.co/61p5eliBkc

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