• Frothy Monkey

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    {12South Brunch Spesh} today and until after Thanksgiving: Turkey and Brie w/Cranberry Aioli and Honey on a @frothymonkeybakery biscuit. $7 #frothylove https://t.co/UGfORXJG9Q

    {Holiday Hours}
    Open regular hours on Thanksgiving Eve
    Closed Thanksgiving Day
    Close at 3pm on Christmas Eve
    Closed on Christmas Day
    Open regular hours on New Year’s Eve
    Open at 8am on New Year’s Day #frothylove https://t.co/ujDjp4qLVG

    {DWTN Dinner Spesh} 11.17.18 • 2 salt-crusted baked potatoes topped with oven-roasted Brussels sprouts, Gloucestershire County Cotswold cheese, butter, and sour cream $8. >>Add Broadbent bacon bits for $.50 or shredded chicken for $4<< #frothylove https://t.co/IIhpfJzKkN

    {Nations Brunch Spesh} 11.17.18 • French Toast Pound Cake topped with house-made whip cream & caramel glaze $8 #frothylove https://t.co/I2QIhArqG0

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