Main Street Meats

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This place may be little to you, but never doubt their services, their environment and their food! By the name Main Street Meats, it’s obvious they serve meat here. Their meat is awesome! Either it’s BBQ beef, pork rinds or bacon, they have it all. Not only meat, this restaurant offer many other delicacies like sausages, salads, sandwiches, entrees, charcuterie, and many more!

Hey @jadabird, this is us having dinner at @MainStreetMeats when you're in #CHA for your #52Places2018 column and talking about your travels. We're both really excited. Oh...WAY too much? Sorry.

“The Belle & The Butcher” | Belle Meade Bourbon | Amaro Montenegro | Cherry Heering | Mole Bitters @MainStreetMeats #Chattanooga

Thanks @MainStreetMeats for the roadside eats pickup. Burger was key on a long and rainy drive.

Grilling the best steak begins with outstanding beef. 70 day dry aged Porterhouse from @MainStreetMeats is the place to go #steaknirvana

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