Rita’s Ice Custard Happiness

  •  100 Market Street Chattanooga, TN 37402
  •  (423) 531-2735
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Where should our first astronauts on the Red Planet land? A new “treasure” map shows water ice on Mars — a key consideration for any human landing site: https://go.nasa.gov/2LLWMyN #AGU19

In honor of the #NationalDayofGiving, TREAT someone to #Ritas! ❤ Who are you bringing along? Tag them below. ⬇ #GivingTuesday 🤝 #RitasFanPic: @ellarittri

2020 is looking brighter than ever, at this year’s 2020 #Ritas Convention we had to wear shades. 😎 Look out for what’s ahead for Ice, Custard, and Happiness. 🍦❤️

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