Rodizio Grill / Hamilton Place

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This bar is just awesome. Talk of a nice and cool ambiance, great food and great service. The bar is well stocked with food entrees one would actually eat. They’ve got fresh, tasty, and very flavorful meats and salads. There are also sea foods like shrimps and crabs. Enjoy crab salad and quail eggs or top sirloin, glazed ham, lamb, swai, and garlic butter steak. The grilled pineapple is out of this world! You can have fried sweet bananas or orange creme brulee for dessert. Enjoy high quality steak and salad here!

Dads come in many variety -- whether biological or your dad by heart, celebrate the special paternal influence in your life by bringing him to Rodizio Grill on Sunday. Make your reservation now at

🇧🇷🇵🇹Em todas a pistas que eu vou, eu sempre levo o totem do @rodiziogrill para me dar sorte. desde o meu primeiro dia no kart. Eu convido vocês a irem no para info e para encontrar oportunidades de Franquias no mundo todo!! #BC21 @K1RaceGear @ARTMotors

Bacon Fest is back! Nightly for a limited time, enjoy many bacon-ized items, in addition to our regular dinner menu. No additional charge.

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