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    Talk about excellent meals, friendly service, and a very clean and cool atmosphere. Stir is one of the best Chattanooga restaurant were you can enjoy nice and delicious meals and drinks. There are lot of delicacies to try out here. You can enjoy delicacies like shrimp and grits, waffle crusted chicken, omelette, chopped salad, deviled eggs, potato salads, fresh fruit, cinnamon rolls, cookies, and brownies. They specialize in craft cocktails and artisan ice. You should also try their cranberry juice, orange juice or grapefruit juice. You’ll surely visit again after your first visit.

    Midweek pick me up with a delicious tuna poke bowl, complete with citrus soy marinated tuna and edamame? Yes please!
    📷: @hollidavidson
    #STIRChattanooga #STIRthis #pokebowl #downtownchatt #chattanoogaeats #Chattanooga #foodies

    Sit back, relax and enjoy an Old-Fashioned. This classic cocktail is made in the post-prohibition style using bourbon, orange fruit and cherries and is only $7 this week during #HappyHour!

    #STIRChattanooga #STIRthis #DowntownChattanooga

    The subtle sweetness of a flower is perfectly paired with lime juice and fresh ginger to create the Elderflower Sour, topped with a refreshing cucumber slice for the ultimate refreshment. Grab it this week for only $7 during #happyhour!

    #STIRChattanooga #STIRthis

    Happy Sunday! We’re serving #brunch until 2:30! ☀️🍴
    #STIRchattanooga #STIRthis

    The perfect Monday pick-me-up. Vodka mixed with sweet and aromatic, crafted with house-made hibiscus syrup, vibrant, acidic lime and orange juices and immune boosting essential oils. The Flower Power is only $7 during #HappyHour.

    #STIRChattanooga #STIRthis #Chattanooga

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