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    Talk about excellent meals, friendly service, and a very clean and cool atmosphere. Stir is one of the best Chattanooga restaurant were you can enjoy nice and delicious meals and drinks. There are lot of delicacies to try out here. You can enjoy delicacies like shrimp and grits, waffle crusted chicken, omelette, chopped salad, deviled eggs, potato salads, fresh fruit, cinnamon rolls, cookies, and brownies. They specialize in craft cocktails and artisan ice. You should also try their cranberry juice, orange juice or grapefruit juice. You’ll surely visit again after your first visit.

    Let us make this holiday extra special!

    In celebration of Valentine's Day 💕 our limited edition cocktail, That's A Wrap, will be available from February 14-17. Light, tart, crisp and the perfect accompaniment to date night.

    You do not want to miss the BBQ shrimp from our Chef Specialties menu. The bright tomatoes contrast perfectly with the sweet balsamic reduction and rich, smoky shrimp.

    #STIRchattanooga #CHAeats

    Crafting a classic involves a perfect pour over a perfect cube. The artisan ice in our Old Fashioned keeps your bourbon perfectly cold - just like it should be. Only $7 this week during Happy Hour.

    #STIRChattanooga #CHAeats

    We love our mason jar mimosas a whole brunch 🥂

    📷IG: graystation

    Our Chicken Piccata is the perfect way to jumpstart your weekend!

    #STIRchattanooga #CHAeats

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