• Taco Mac

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    DEBUTING TODAY: Wild Leap's first installment of the '79 Series, Cranberry Cinnamon Ale. This limited release beer is available at all 25 Georgia @tacomacofficial locations and the Wild Leap Tap Room. Perfect for fall! #Wildleap #craftbeer #gabeer #tacomac

    Hey #Falcons fans! Bill Ingram knows what it means to Rise Up & Fan Fearlessly! Take a look at his pride & get inspired to show up for ATL. Fan Fearlessly, #DreamFearlessly @AtlantaFalcons @atlcast https://t.co/RjMJJsaoIM

    #funfact The strongest beer in the world is "Snake Venom," brewed by Scottish brewery Brewmeister. It is 67.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). For comparison, most vodka is 40% ABV, with beers typically between 3% and 10% ABV.

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