Nonprofit, Chattanooga Brewing Co. to highlight vegan food at upcoming “takeover” event

Chattanooga Brewing Company, located at 1804 Chestnut St., is participating in a vegan Tuesday Takeover. (Photo: Staff)

A local nonprofit is hoping to work with restaurants, chefs and entrepreneurs to do “takeover” events, during which an eatery changes its menu to have all things vegan.

ChattaVegan, a nonprofit that works with eateries and city community centers to promote and educate about veganism, is hosting an upcoming, sold-out event with Chattanooga Brewing Co. At the event, 30 ticket holders will get a custom vegan menu created by chefs Ally Smith and Brad Guest.

Although the ticketed event is sold out, Chattanooga Brewing Co. is also making the entire night vegan-friendly, so those without tickets can come and eat downstairs in a more casual atmosphere. The event is slated March 6 at 7 p.m.

“The event sold out in less than 12 hours,” ChattaVegan founder Corey Evatt said via email. “CBC was so thrilled with the response that they decided not only to convert the entire restaurant to vegan for that evening, but they are offering 15 percent of all sales to ChattaVegan.”

The Takeover Tuesday concept has been used by other vegan advocates in larger cities, Evatt said. But this is the first time ChattaVegan is doing it locally.

“The idea is to create a win/win scenario where the vegan community generates business on what’s typically a slow sales day while the restaurant offers new animal-free items,” he said. 

The takeover events also give chefs a chance to be creative with new menu items. And Evatt’s hope is that some of the vegan dishes will end up being on regular menus at the restaurants where they are tested.

“I wanted to do this event to not only open minds to this approach to eating, but [to] show people that vegan food today is so delicious and varied,” CBC Sous-Chef Guest said via email. “It is also sustainable and affordable to have fantastic meals that everyone can enjoy.”

CBC Head chef Smith said she works hard to be 100 percent vegan and she saw this opportunity as a way to broaden her tastes and challenge her cooking skills. 

And she and Guest are having fun creating the menu, she said.

“Brad and I are playing with a Reuben, ice cream and fried stuff,” she said via email. “So I think we’ll have a nice spread.”

Evatt said he hopes that other restaurants, chefs and entrepreneurs will want to try Takeover Tuesdays.

“Not only will they see increased sales, but they’ll get feedback on new dishes that could be made permanent, as well as free advertising from passionate foodies,” he said.

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