A Maryland family participating in Airbnb's 'Live Anywhere' Program has chosen Tulsa as their latest pl" />

14-Year-Old Using The Airbnb ‘Live Anywhere’ Program For A Cause

A Maryland family participating in Airbnb’s ‘Live Anywhere’ Program has chosen Tulsa as their latest place to stay.

They’ve been on the road for eight months and are shedding light on how travel should be accessible for everyone. Anna Miller and her family are one of 12 families chosen to participate in the program out of more than 300,000 people. Participants can choose to stay anywhere in the world that offers Airbnb options, but Miller and her family have chosen to stay mostly in the United States. This month, they’re staying right here in Oklahoma.

Their “Live Anywhere” journey began last summer. They have already hit Maine, Rhode Island, Georgia, and Tennessee. The program’s focus is on testing extended stay options compared to the typical long weekend. Miller and her mom Lindsey Miller-Voss said the trip has been very different from what they thought it would be but in the best way possible.

They tell us they definitely can’t choose a favorite.

 “It’s hard because there are things we love about every place we’ve been,” Voss said.

This isn’t a leisure trip by any means. Through the power of social media, Miller is using this trip for a much bigger cause.

“I’m getting to show the world something that’s important and that’s accessible travel and traveling with a disability,” Miller said. “People hear about as a person with disabilities traveling and don’t think it’s possible, that’s what we are trying to change and focus on and spread the word about how if you’re in a wheelchair or disabled you can travel wherever.”

Through her Instagram, Miller is showing the places that are the most wheelchair accessible like a beach in Tybee Island Georgia, or many of the local restaurants in Chattanooga Tennessee. To check out her page and follow along for the rest of their trip, you can find Miller’s Instagram page at @therealannamiller.

“That’s one of the things I’m trying to change is people’s perspective of not just wheelchair travel but any kind of travel with a disability,” Miller said.

Now their journey has led them to Tulsa. They plan to visit the Greenwood District, Route 66, and many of the indigenous grounds’ sites. Miller said she’s excited to explore Oklahoma and can’t wait to show the world that traveling in a wheelchair is possible.

“When we started looking at the things we wanted to do and experience here the list kept getting longer and longer more than one week more than two weeks I think this is our next stay,” Miller-Voss said.

Miller said she plans on blogging and posting about the entire trip, but between her school work and soaking in every moment in each town, she said she hasn’t been posting as much yet.

“We got to see a lot more than we thought and understand and learn about different communities and has been really impactful on us in different ways,” Miller said.

The group says their plans are ever-changing, but they still want to hit Mexico, part of the southwest, and possibly finish their trip in Los Angeles.

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