6 wounded in shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) — Police in Tennessee said six people were wounded during an exchange of gunfire in a downtown Chattanooga business district.

At least one person of interest was detained shortly after the shooting Saturday night, police spokesperson Jeremy Eames said Sunday in a news release. The statement did not indicate whether anyone was charged.

Officers who were patrolling the area heard gunshots and saw multiple people shooting weapons and numerous people fleeing the area. Officers began rendering aid to the victims and assisting others to safety. Several gunshot victims were taken to a hospital and two of the injuries were life threatening, Eames said.

The ages of the victims were not immediately released but most were believed to be teenagers and young adults. Eames said large groups of juveniles were walking around the downtown area “and we believe it’s from within that group that the shooting took place.”

Eames said it’s believed not all of the victims were intended targets of the shootings.

The area, dotted with residential buildings, has restaurants and shops within walking distance and is popular with tourists.

“Very vibrant and active area during summer weekends,” Eames said.

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