Capri’s, Po Folks, Fazoli’s and other gone Anderson restaurants

Plates stacked unbelievably high, walking through the buffet line to get a plate full of turkey and dressing, picking out a dessert from all the options—Tracy Campbell holds on to her memories from Gile’s, her family’s regular go-to after church. 

Gile’s later became The Meeting Place, a popular restaurant downtown that just had its sign taken down Wednesday.

The sign was taken down and will be hung in a shop by Michael McClain, whose grandmother worked there for years.

She didn’t approve of tattoos, but she didn’t fight him on a tattoo of the sign on his arm.

There are reminders everywhere of the old restaurants, like The Meeting Place. It never reopened after closing down early in the pandemic.

It’s another sign removed, another space available for rent. The rhythm of downtown growth.

Anderson County has had some classic hang out spots through the years centered around food. 

Though closed for a variety of reasons, residents still remember their favorites and the memories that came with going.

The Meeting Place sign is taken down Wednesday, March 2, as the space remains available to rent.

Here’s our long list of no-longer here restaurants in Anderson County.

Fazoli’s would have made the list but the Italian-American cuisine restaurant chain headquartered in Kentucky plans to open an Anderson location this year. 

Management said they don’t currently have a set opening date. “If nothing changes, it is in the plans for later this year,” management said in a message in January.

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