HPU Welcomes Largest Number of New Students During Move-In Weekend

Overheard at HPU Move-In Day

Below is a snapshot of reactions from HPU freshmen and their parents.

When I stepped on campus, I knew it was the place for me,” says Emma Lally, from Boston, Massachusetts. “I like how HPU is focused on life skills because I think that’s really important. This first year I just want to learn and focus on my major.”

“Everything is so organized, and everyone is so friendly,” says Bob Phillips, dad to new student Haley, from Baltimore, Maryland. “You can see the whole culture – everyone believes and follows it. She’s super excited and couldn’t be any happier. We want her to adapt and enjoy the entire experience at HPU.”

“I’m volunteering because last year this was so incredible, there was so much energy,” says Keaton Geist, sophomore and Welcome Week volunteer. “I just want to give back and to hang out with my friends. Go Panthers!”

Welcome Week includes many other activities throughout the week. The freshman class will sign the HPU Honor Code on Sunday at Millis Athletic and Convocation Center during a special tradition, titled “Academics and Honesty: The High Point University Honor Code Initiation.”

“We know students are well-taken care of here, and it is an extraordinary place to spend four years,” said Brooke Gelhaus, from Connecticut, whose son and daughter attend HPU. “There’s just no place that can provide what HPU provides for them.”

“Because my sister goes to HPU, I came and toured a few times,” says Huck Gelhaus. “I fell in love with the campus and knew that I wanted to come here. It’s an atmosphere that stands out to me. All the people are so nice and generous, and HPU gives an amazing vibe.”

Amigo Family
The Amigo family has three students at HPU.

“It all comes down to values. Dr. Qubein will tell you that HPU is a God, family and country school,” says David Amigo, who has three children at HPU. “HPU treats students like adults, models important behaviors for them and gives students an incredible opportunity to grow. And no matter how many differences all our children have, they all share those same values that are at the core of HPU.”

“I had family members who lived in High Point, and I visited HPU when I came to see them,” said new student Benjamin Niehaus, from Chattanooga, Tennessee. “My cousin, Sam, also went to HPU, and I saw how much he enjoyed being here and how much success he had. When I came here, everyone was happy to see you and to be on this campus. I knew this was a great place to be.”

“We heard Dr. Qubein speak during Open House about HPU’s values of God, family and country, and that’s the order of importance for our family,” says Elizabeth Lucchesi, who’s from New Alexandria, Virginia, and whose student, Jim, moved into the R.G. Wanek Center residence hall on Saturday. “We appreciated Dr. Qubein sharing that value system. During that visit, we also watched a staff member get out of his car and pick up trash on the side of the street. Staff here take ownership and pride in this campus. There’s enthusiasm here. Everyone appreciates what they have at HPU.”

“I heard about HPU first my freshman year in high school from my dentist who actually went here and graduated,” says Bayli Alley, an honors student from LaFollette, Tennessee. “I love the small class sizes, and you get to know your professors, which is different from a public university. I’m part of the honors program too, and I’ve heard it’s a big community. We take all the same classes together, we travel together and we are all like-minded individuals.”

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