Jenelle Evans: FIRED from Her Podcast! Already!!!

Welp. That didn’t take very long.

But her very own account, it sounds very much as if Jenelle Evans has been fired from her latest business endeavor.

Before it even kicked off in any official manner.

And you’ll never guess the reason why. (Okay, fine: You can almost definitely guess the reason why.)

As previously reported and detailed, Evans was set to launch a new podcast on Thursday, April 1.

She had been making the media rounds over the past few days in promotion, while also hyping up the project often on social media.

“We want to build women up, and empower women,” Evans just recently told Us Weekly about the podcast Girl S**t. “That’s one of the main focuses we have.”

Based on a few TikTok posts, it looked as if 90 Day Fiance star Deavan Clegg was going prominently involved… while Kat Stuckey (a blogger), Chae Desara (an influencer) and Gabrielle Egan (a video creator) have also been talking the podcast online.

So, what happened?

There was a launch party on Wednesday night that was originally meant to include Jenelle.

However, hours before it began, a message from the new podcast Instagram account stated that Evans would not be appearing due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

But Evans showed up anyway!

girl crap

Jenelle shared numerous videos with guests at the party, prior to leaving to have dinner with her awful husband and blaming “cancel culture” for why she wasn’t supposed to be at the event.

Speaking via TikTok at a restaurant, Evans responded to a fan who asked why she had deleted a video she’s posted promoting Girl S**t.

“You know the cancel culture s**t, that’s basically why,” she replied.

“So I’m going to sip this drink – oh s**t I’m out – and you guys enjoy yourself at the party.”

The mother of three also implied that she wouldn’t be in front of the microphone on the podcast, but might still play some sort of behind-the-scenes role.

She captioned the clip: “I’m just a producer… don’t ask me.”

Did Eason and his history of violence and/or bigotry play a role in Jenelle’s apparent dismissal?

It sure sounds that way.

Evans — who told another follower she can “forget” all about the podcast — also shared a video last niight of herself lipsyncing with David while eating their meal, which she captioned:

“Everyone hates @easondavid but