I hope y’all are all staying cool out there. Here’s some positive perspective: it could" />

Kevin Walthall Street trees and high speed internet for Bremerton

I hope y’all are all staying cool out there. Here’s some positive perspective: it could be worse.

Last week’s “heat dome” weather reminds me of Texas, except in Texas we don’t call it a heat dome, we just call it “summer.” Thankfully Kitsap has been spared the Texas humidity that turns the air into a sticky mosquito soup. That humid air doesn’t get cool in the shade, and Texas breezes are just the state trying to suffocate you with a dank pillow. Add Dallas or Houston smog to the soup for subtle tasting notes of Exxon-Mobile byproduct. Yum.

Kevin Walthall

Think you can escape the heat in a Texas lake like you can a Kitsap lake? For a good/terrible time, Google “cottonmouth snakes.” Or “alligator gar,” a Cretaceous-era Satan-fish inexplicably still living in the tepid brown pools Texans call “lakes.”

So it isn’t all bad. You can thank your lucky stars you aren’t in Texas.

With the heat wave giving a scary glimpse of our climate change future, it seems like a good time to think about streets built for heat waves and telecommuting.

That’s right. Another article about complete streets. 

Complete streets are streets built for everyone. Wide sidewalks, bike lanes or shared lanes, bus pull-outs, and ADA ramps are common features of complete streets.

They’re generally showcase streets, attractive boulevards with landscaping and public art. They aren’t just tools for getting from A to B, they’re pleasant places to be, destinations in their own right. They attract investment and redevelopment. They give people transportation options outside the car. Complete streets are beneficial to the people who live next to them.

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