New state laws, including permitless carry, go into effect today

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – “If you are legally allowed to own a firearm, I believe you should be able to have a firearm. God bless ya, enjoy. What I do wish, is that
more people would get more training in it,” says Bob Drews, manager of Shooter’s Supply and Indoor Range in Hixson.

A series of new state laws are set to go into effect starting today.

The 112th General Assembly was shrouded with controversy as state
lawmakers pushed bills on criminal justice reform, critical race
theory, and abortion.

But at the top of that list, a permitless gun carry law has seemed to
grab the most attention.

“They’re glad to be able to do it without the permit, but the
knowledge of what you can and can’t do is terribly missing,” says Drews.

He says that while he supports the Second Amendment, he was concerned
about the law dropping the requirement for new gun owners to receive
firearm training.

“I don’t want to be the guy in a restaurant when you decide to go
crazy because someone looked at your girlfriend wrong and initiates a
gun fight where my wife or I gets shot. That’s kind of what scares me
the most,” says Drews, explaining his reservations with the law.

Representative Robyn Smith gave some insight into why the general
assembly might have dropped the training requirements.

“There was a compromise that was entered into, that there would be a
constitutional carry but it would be coupled by more stringent
enforcement of certain enhancements for sentencing,” says Rep. Smith.

But before Tennesseans go out and get their gun, Drews says to get educated.

“People are coming to get the law, to understand what it’s about. Not
that we’re lawyers and can give legal advice, but we can educate
people the best we can with what’s involved,” he says.

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