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The South’s Best Bakeries 2021

There is an old adage that teaches when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, or in the case of a small town bakery, you just make bread and sweet rolls.

In a year that saw life-as-we-know-it come to a screeching halt—schools close, travel restricted, and businesses struggle to stay open—small town bakeries found themselves in a unique position to discover new business models (develop virtual baking classes), branch out in new directions (use idle kitchens to cook meals for families in need), and, as always, serve their community, the very heart of their business (donate food to front-line workers).

Every day, so many owners and employees of small town bakeries across the South rise before the sun to knead bread dough, shape sweet rolls, and frost cakes, all done with a passion to prepare delicious, quality items and a desire to give back to their friends, neighbors, and other business owners. It may be tucked away on a side street way off the interstate, but these bakeries enjoy a host of loyal customers (both local and nationwide, thanks to internet sales) who drop by for a cup of coffee, a sandwich, a sweet roll, and a reminder of what life is like in a small town in the South.

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