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This Esquire Article Called Milwaukee ‘Unexpectedly Awesome’

You may have spotted a little article by Esquire that’s been making the local rounds: “5 Unexpectedly Awesome Domestic Cities to Fuel Your Wanderlust.” Milwaukee’s on that list, and more on what they have to say about us later. First, something needs to be pointed out. This article’s sponsored content for Chase. If the disclaimer “From Esquire for Chase” with Chase’s big fat logo right on the top of this thing doesn’t tip it off, then this paragraph might:

“And here’s a tip to make a trip to one of these under-the-radar spots even better: Sign up for the brand-new United Quest card from Chase, and earn up to 100,000 bonus miles. Plus, get a $125 annual United purchase credit and two 5,000-mile anniversary award flight credits. That means more traveling to more places for less money – a post-pandemic trend to get behind.”

Yeah, that’s an ad. This article’s an ad. So, while we have no issue at all with sponsored content, we thought it was worth mentioning. 

Anyway, here’s what they said about Milwaukee:

We earned a spot on the “unexpectedly awesome” list due to our shopping (Commonplace, Milworks, Clicks Kicks), our food (Odd Duck, Strange Town, Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge), and for our museums and art galleries (National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum, Saint Kate, and the Milwaukee Art Museum).

They have a nice paragraph about the restaurants, “The small plates menu at Odd Duck is like a round-the-world airline ticket, tempting guests with its lamb shawarma, koji-grilled beets, and Sichuan egg noodles. Strange Town works the vegan beat so well, you’ll be tempted to renounce steak forever, and the varied selection of natural wines is tops too. Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge, founded in 1938, is the oldest cocktail bar in MKE, and one of the swankiest.”

The other four cities included were Chattanooga, Tennessee; Tucson, Arizona; Bend, Oregon; and San Antonio, Texas. Personally, I think we blow all of those out of the water, except maybe San Antonio, who gives us a run for our money.

Oh, and also, I get why we’re “unexpectedly” awesome but man, I hope at some point the rest of the country can just call us awesome. Because we are.



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