But for now, he's getting what he needs from Cheddar's. Darden is "by far one of the better" />

What it’s like to work in a restaurant right now –

But for now, he’s getting what he needs from Cheddar’s. Darden is “by far one of the better” employers he’s had, Morton said. Darden recently raised wages for employees, and offers health benefits, which are especially important given Morton’s medical costs. Morton is also going to school for biochemistry, so the flexible hours are important to him. “That’s the big reason why I’m here,” he said. “It’s hard to find a job where I can work 30 hours a week, and still make $35,000 a year.” That salary, along with the rent he collects from his brother, is enough to support himself, his wife and their son. “I don’t know what else I would do.”

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