Workers Reveal What It’s Really Like To Work At Chili’s

You may not think of Chili’s as the ultimate place for a night of drinking, but it seems that some people do (and it’s not necessarily limited to nighttime, either). After all, there’s a full bar inside Chili’s. As such, current and former employees report a considerable amount of drunkenness among the customers, and those reports are generally unfavorable.

A former hostess from Irvine, California appeared to enjoy the job overall, leaving a four-star Indeed review, but did list the drunk customers at the bar as a notable negative, indicating that such customers weren’t exactly one-offs. Unfortunately, heavy drinkers don’t appear to limit themselves to the actual bar at Chili’s. Servers, like one former employee from Chattanooga, Tennessee, have said that over-drinkers weren’t just difficult, but that¬†drunk customers were the hardest part of the entire job.¬†

Before you assume that some staff just aren’t up to the task of serving in a bar environment, consider that the problem is apparently so pervasive that Chili’s had to institute a company-wide policy against not just serving more alcohol to intoxicated customers, but against even seating them at all, as reported by a former hostess who also worked at a Chattanooga, Tennessee restaurant. As you can imagine, this isn’t necessarily the most comfortable policy for a host or hostess to enforce, making the job all the more challenging.

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