Workers Reveal What It’s Really Like To Work At Zaxby’s

Whether you’d consider this a positive or a negative is completely dependent on your own personality, so we won’t attempt to decide for you, but suffice to say that Zaxby’s employees reveal that a job here offers the opportunity to meet all kinds of people. In fact, they use that phrase over and over when reviewing jobs at the restaurant online, and while you might assume there’s a slightly negative undertone to such wording, it often appears in positive reviews.

Leaving a five-star Indeed rating of the assistant manager position in a Greenville, South Carolina, Zaxby’s, one employee says meeting “all kinds of people” here allows workers to fine-tune their customer service skills, and an assistant manager from Inman, South Carolina, left a similar observation on Indeed, sharing that this level of exposure offers the chance to learn to talk to “all types of people.” Finally, a four-star review mentioning “all kinds of people,” this one from Gastonia, North Carolina, noted it wasn’t just the customers who varied, but the workplace itself, which was “very diverse,”┬áso you could reasonably expect to encounter plenty of variety at Zaxby’s, both in front of the counter and behind it.

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