• Acropolis

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    Located at Hamilton Place.

    Lamb lollipop, lollipop, lamb lolli lolli lolli... #AlwaysFresh #AlwaysFamily https://t.co/nUkFykZg0H

    Did you know Acropolis has #HappyHour every day of the week? Join us! MON — FRI 3:00-7:00, SAT & SUN 11:00-4:00 #AlwaysFresh #AlwaysFamily

    It may not be National Pi Day... but it is National Pie Day! #AlwaysFresh #AlwaysFamily #PieDay https://t.co/FjLpCaA5WN

    In preparation for the next holiday or big cooking event in your life, we offer you our best techniques in the way of a proper Braising. #AlwaysFresh #AlwaysFamily https://t.co/KZ39YZ2XPy

    In honor of #NationalCakeDay we would like to introduce you to... Baklava Cheesecake. Made in-house by Ms. Betty, we assure that you've never tasted anything like it. #AlwaysFresh #AlwaysFamily https://t.co/FjLpCaA5WN

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