At Abuelo’s, our team members have an incredible sense of pride in everything we do, from the food we serve to the gracious hospitality we provide. On each visit, we’re happy to “welcome you into our home” and our passion ensures you have a great experience each and every time. It’s this dedication to our food and service that has secured Abuelo’s ranking as the #1 Mexican Restaurant in America since 2006 by consumers, as published in the nation’s most respected consumer rating magazine.

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  1. Tommy White says:

    I am sorry to say I was not impressed with Abuelo’s. My wife and I were making a special trip to Hamilton Place and wanted to try something new. I pulled up Abuelo’s website and the food looked amazing as did the decor. We decided to grab lunch which would be generous on our wallets.

    The place is beautifully laid out and the decor is spot on. However… the food was very bland. We both ordered the Enchiladas and my wife compared it to the $2 frozen TV dinners you can buy at the supermarket. I looked around the room and noticed most customers were ordering more drinks than food. The service was having an off day to I guess. The table behind us received the wrong food and it was like pulling teeth to get a refill. The price was very reasonable on our ticket but then again that doesn’t count for much when the experience was not.

    I will visit Abuelo’s again and try something else if I can convince the wife to join me.

  2. Tommy White says:

    It’s been over 2 years since we visited Abuelo’s but I managed to give them another try. A friend talked me in to visiting them again with him and the visit was a complete turnaround versus our first visit.

    The food was fantastic. The staff was very friendly and the wait staff were on top of everything we needed.

    Even the menu changed and I loved everything thing we ordered. I have since been again and as before it was excellent.

    Great job on a great turnaround Abuelo’s!

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