Canyon Grill

Restaurants say something like “freshest seafood flown in daily”. For the most part this is one of the “four big lies”. The seafood may have flown somewhere on one of its days, but not to that restaurant, and not today. We do not “fly daily” but we do fly twice each week, and unlike any other restaurant, we know if we purchase directly from fisherman who “day boat”, pack the fish and over-night fed-ex direct to us. We also buy fresh trout and catfish from local growers. You will not get fresher fish anywhere.

We are one of the few restaurants that store all our meat, chicken, fish and pork under ice rather than refrigeration. This is expensive and labor intensive, but well worth the effort. Ice does not dehydrate and dilute flavors the way refrigeration does. Your captain will be glad to show you our system.

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