A nice and artsy atmosphere with great meals and services. Enjoy outstanding hot dogs, fries and sausages here! They have different kinds of sausages like the vegan black bean sausage, the chicken apple sausage, the Italian pork sausage, the jerk chicken sausage. They’ve also got homemade garlic-herb cream cheese and basil-walnut pesto. Their regular fries and sweet potato fries are outstanding! A nice restaurant with great delicacies!

Taking customers' orders, taking completed orders to the customers, handling cash and credit card transactions, cleaning/busing tables, baking/icing cupcakes, keeping products stocked in the dining area, ability to think quick on your feet. Positive attitude is a must.

Preparing recipes made in house, cutting potatoes with a potato cutter, making customer orders, taking orders to customers, interacting with customers. must be able to lift 50 pound boxes.

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