Longhorn Steakhouse

A very nice restaurant to have a very nice meal. Longhorn Steakhouse – just as the name implies – are popularly known for their amazing steaks. A very good steak is one which is slowly cooked for hours with maximized flavor and tenderness. And this is what this restaurant has. Great steak! Other than great steak, they have lot’s of other delicious meals on their menu. Delicacies like sweet corn fritters, mashed potato, creamed spinach, pies, filet, sirloin, ribs and many more. They’ve got what every great restaurant must have – great food and excellent customer services!

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  1. Tommy says:

    Enjoyed eating here twice in the past week. With 50% capacity and a shortage of supplies due to COVID-19 we still had one of the best experiences. The social distancing is something I would pay extra for in the future. It was nice and quite. The food was spot on. I ordered the Salmon for the first time and then was disappointed that I haven’t had it sooner! Last visit I wanted Chicken Tenders and if you’ve never had them from here I HIGHLY suggest it.

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