• Tennessee Aquarium

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    Over Thanksgiving, Aquarists added several Cownose Rays to the Secret Reef. Have you spotted this new species yet? https://t.co/YTT0QrPp6z

    Microplastics on the surface of famous world rivers:
    #Tennessee = 16,000 particles per cubic meter.
    #Yangtze = 9,000 particles per cubic meter.
    #Kinzig = 800 particles per cubic meter.
    #Rhine = 200 particles per cubic meter.
    Source: @TNAquarium (Wang, et al. 2017) #microplastics

    There's no trout that the holiday season can be a busy time. Here's a quick reminder to skip single-use plastics. You can help give aquatic life the gift of cleaner rivers and lakes.

    Need stocking stuffer ideas? Think reusable straws, water bottles and food containers!

    Now, with just a few clicks, anyone can discover which fish have been found in more than 75 watersheds spanning eight states. https://t.co/zGqR4494NN

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