• Tennessee Aquarium

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    ICYMI: We're supporting the recent @TurtleSurvival rescue of more than 10,000 Radiated Tortoises in Madagascar. Watch: https://t.co/lAPd0uIel4 #WorldTurtleDay

    You might have noticed that this turtle’s head is very flat and looks a lot like a leaf. The Matamata is an ambush predator that sits at the bottom of a waterway waiting for its prey to make that exact mistake. More: https://t.co/sQY68L7YGR #WorldTurtleDay

    Fun (but logical) fact: Big-headed turtles cannot pull their head entirely into their shell. As a result, the tops of their head are heavily armored. More: https://t.co/MFn7PTdguO #WorldTurtleDay

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