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Panther Chameleons are excellent at moving slowly so as to not attract attention from predators or to alert their prey. They move so slowly, in fact, that recording them moving along a branch — even sped up as a time lapse — can take a really loooonnnngggg time.

Our penguin care team is currently prepping nesting rocks to go into our penguin habitat tomorrow! Keep an eye on our 🐧 cam tomorrow morning + tune in to our Facebook Live tomorrow (4/1) at 1:00 pm EST to join us inside Penguins’ Rock for a chat with Aviculturist Loribeth L!

We're live on Facebook (right now!) chatting with Aquarist Kimberly H. about our Electric Eel, @EelectricMiguel! ⚡️

Watch: https://bit.ly/2R1MrRZ

In the Aquarium's Rivers of the World gallery, there are three species belonging to a class of fish that few people have heard of, let alone seen in person. Meet the pipefish, the unsung cousin of the syngnathidae family.

Just trying fill your Friday with a little extra fishy fun 🐠💙 We hope you enjoyed our webcams, live streams and other #AquariumAtHome content this week! Let us know in the comments if there’s anything you would like see or learn more about in the days ahead.

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